Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress – Why There Is No Going Back to the Classic Interface


WordPress is a great platform for creating blogs and building websites. But let’s face it, building a WordPress website or blog to your specific requirements is not easy, especially if you do not have the necessary programming skills. Consequently, unless you are able to afford the cost of having your website designed and built specifically to your requirements, you have to mix and match themes and plugins to achieve something close to what you wanted. Inevitable, you will have to compromise on some design elements.

The challenges presented by WordPress’ classic design interface don’t end there. The interface was designed when blogs and web pages were mainly text-based. As a result, it is not easy to position and size design elements exactly as you want them, or to change the pitch size of your text beyond those pre-defined by WordPress. The design you ultimately come up with is the result of trial and error and finding a combination of a theme and plugins with which you are least unhappy. Surely there must be an easier way?

Fortunately for us, there is an easier way. Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress is a plugin that uses drag and drop to position the design elements of your choice precisely where you want them. That makes composing your web page a snap. No programming knowledge is required as this plugin works visually. With more than 45 design elements to choose from or use in combination, you have full control over the appearance and size of your webpage as it will appear on any device.

Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress also comes with over 40 pre-defined layout templates that are suitable for a variety of pages, such as product details, service description, about your company, and many more.

There is more to Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress than making designing your page layout easy. You can replace WordPress’ traditional categories and archive pages with easy to use custom pages. Shortcodes in the third-party plugins you are using are also easily managed with just a few clicks. You have even greater control over user access to your content. Administrators can easily control which category of user has access to what content. This is a feature normally found on expensive membership site plugins.

Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress’ ability to make it easy for you to build a responsive blog or website that looks great on any device is taken to a higher level by the range of Visual composer add-ons. Used in combination, they provide a design solution for your site that is as simple as it is elegant. And you will not want to go back to using the WordPress classic design interface.


Source by Robert Reddin

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