Using WordPress as an Affiliate Marketing Platform


I started using WordPress as an affiliate marketing platform about a year ago. I’ve had great results! WordPress’ blogging software is very easy to install and use. Also Google loves it!

There are two WordPress sites. and is a free blogging site like Blogger, Weebly, or any of a host of others. With the .com site, you don’t have to have your own web hosting. The big problem with is you can’t really monetize it, and you can’t modify the look and feel of it very much. So, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, is not what you want. You want and are run by the same company., however, is open source blogging software you download to your own site on your own host. Now, before you freak out, if you’re a technophobe, I’ve got two things to say about this downloading business:

  • it’s really not hard to do. I don’t particularly like the technical aspect of internet marketing, yet I can do it.
  • if you’re using a good web host, they can probably do it for you. Some charge a nominal fee, other’s don’t.

Either way, once you get the software downloaded to your own domain, you’re ready to go.

Your WordPress blog will look like any other generic blog. It will have menus for recent posts, categories, that sort of thing. For the purposes of affiliate marketing, you don’t need all of this. A lot of it can be deleted. Let’s talk about what you need to modify to make a decent affiliate marketing site. You can put your product descriptions where you post. Let the categories be the product lines.

For instance, if you were selling coffee makers, one category might be Krupps, the other Black and Decker.

WordPress has a “page” feature. You can make static pages that show up in your navigation bar. I use those to list all of the products from a certain line.

I also sometimes use the “Recent Posts” feature, although I don’t show the date of the post. I’ve set up a number of these small affiliate sites using WordPress as a platform. I’ll set them up, do a little search engine optimization on them, then leave them alone and let them run. They’re kind of like having several ATM machines that spit out money each month–except this money doesn’t come out of my bank account!

The way I advocate you do internet marketing is to do your research and choose a good niche, then use one of the many Web 2.0 sites, like Squidoo or Hubpages, to actually test your idea. Only when I find out a new niche has traffic and this traffic actually buys stuff do I move on to making my own site on my own domain.

If I’m selling a limited number of things, then WordPress has turned out to be an easy to use and very successful way to create a website.

Google is predisposed to love blogs, too! So, getting traffic to a WordPress blog should be easier than to your own static site.


Source by Lee Cole

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