Using the Atahualpa WordPress Theme Preset Styles


If you’ve ever used the Atahualpa theme for WordPress you will know just how versatile it can be. Of course, you will also know that, initially, looking at all the options available for you to change can be a bit daunting. Don’t be put off. You don’t need to change all of the options. I use Atahualpa for almost all my WordPress sites and there are many options that I rarely use.

To help get you started, the most recent versions of Atahualpa come with 5 pre-set variations or styles to help you get started.

How to Get The Styles

There are two ways of installing Atahualpa – add it via your WordPress admin area, or download it from the Bytes For All website and then ftp it to your wp-content/themes folder. If you install via your admin area, you won’t get the extra styles folders. So I suggest that, even if you do choose to install via your admin area you also download the latest version of the theme from Bytes for All.

When you download the theme it comes as a zip file which you will need to unzip.

How to Use the Styles

In your Atahualpa theme options area you will see an option to Export/Import settings. Scroll down to Upload and Import and find the styles folder on your computer (it’s in the Atahualpa folder you just unzipped).

I recommend you have two tabs or windows open on your computer when you do this. One with access to your admin area and another where you can view your site. Import a style and then refresh the tab with your site to see what difference it has made. Try each of the styles in turn. Choose the one that looks as if it will give you a good starting point for designing your site.

When you have finished designing your site, use this same feature to Export your settings and save them on your computer. This is useful as a backup for your site in case of problems. For safety, also export your site’s database and save it to your computer – this will contain the content of your posts and pages.


Source by Poppy R Smith

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