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When creating a post make sure you add tags to it. Tags help your site interweave the taxonomy feature, as well can help SEO performance and get you some higher ranks.

The tags can potentially be added in two places. Right under the box where you write the article there is a space for tags, also you can add them to your “all in one SEO” plugin, which if you don’t have install you need to. It’s on the wordpress main site called all-in-one-seo-pack.

What should I put for tags? you may ask, well you will want to use keywords that work best with your article, so if yours is about dog breeds, use: dog, poodle, bull dog.

A great tip on how to get keywords that will rank high and fast is to put a few of your search terms into the Google keyword analyzer and let it find synonyms for you. After this you may want to sort by advertiser competition (if you have contextual ads) or search volume (if your purely trying to drive traffic).

I have noticed gains on a few sites that this is employed it has seemed to boost organic traffic and help rankings overall.

This will also improve your overall tag pool which will help SEO in your site in general and drive better results from your contextual advertising.

Here is the quick example I have from this post:

The tags I used:



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