Ultimate Blogging Theme – My Favourite WordPress Theme


Recently I have been working on to change the color of the title name and fonts of my blog and I tried several plugins, but I am not satisfied with the results. Fortunately I found a very Google friendly WordPress theme, named “Ultimate Blogging Theme”. I love it.

Firstly, I found Ultimate Blogging Theme is very convenient. I just need to choose my blog layout that I like, color scheme, advertising position, social bookmarking, etc. Actually I changed the font size, color of blog title, description, header box heading, content body and others from the fonts section in UBT headquarters easily. And when I add a new page, it can be added into navigation menu automatically.

The second is that Ultimate Blogging Theme is simple and easy to use. Setting up an eye-catching blog looks like a piece of cake by following the Ultimate Blogging Theme setup video. The step-by-step video tutorial shows how to install UBT, how to choose blog layout, where to pick social bookmarking, and how to set up the widgets, and so on. I just followed and completely set up the theme in a few minutes.

And I also appreciate the advertising placements have already been there. Ultimate Blogging Theme has been developed by a well-known successful kid blogger Carl Ocab. He has tested and found the best ads placements on blogs, and in these designed places visitors tend to click through ads. And these places are header ad, content ad, middle ad, footer ad. I put in my ads in these places directly for they have suggested sizes already.

The other thing I like Ultimate Blogging Theme is that the purchase is one time payment and it offers me free updates in my life time. This theme has already included custom style sheet and custom functions, so when I want to update in the future, my customization will not lose. It has been tested and proven to produce the best results on-page SEO.


Source by Jessica Huang

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