Try WordPress to Build Your Next Website


Websites are considered one of the best ways to communicate your ideas, concepts and information to people who are interested in you or your company. The problem till now has been that this medium has required the services of a web developer to all those who are not web developers themselves. Even the slightest tweak to a webpage requires you to spend time learning tools and tricks that you may not really be inclined to learn (especially if you are not a techie).

Today software called “content management systems (CMS)” have made it much easier for simple folks to edit and create pages on their websites without the need for a web developer. A CMS is simply any software that allows the creation of a basic webpage template and then publishes all pages in that particular format. The template provides details about how the advertisements should be displayed, the format of the headings and the dimension of the banner etc and all pages are then displayed in that format. The idea is to free the everyday user from the design aspect and help them edit/create content easily.

One of the most popular CMS is WordPress which is primarily used to create blogs but can as easily be used to create simple websites easily. Installing WordPress is easy and a step by step installation is available on the WordPress website. The amazing thing about WordPress is the vast literature available related to managing, expanding and modifying its existing facilities to develop fascinating websites. Moreover, WordPress themes are easily available and can be installed just by placing some files in the correct folder and then activating it from the admin console. Advanced and better themes are available at nominal costs and one can get a customized theme developed easily. If one counts the maintenance cost of doing updates every time you add or edit your website then the it is certain that you will save yourself a lot of hassle and cost.

There are of course a lot of things that WordPress cannot do for you:

1. It will not develop graphics for you itself

Needless to say that it is a content management system and not a graphic edit tool. You still need to develop and modify all your graphics separately.

2. It will not allow you to develop any special pages

All your pages in are going to look alike. You cannot have a different color scheme for your products page and a different one for your contact page.

3. HTML based website only

Websites developed using WordPress are inevitably only HTML based and not flash based. So if you stick to using WordPress then forget the slick animations that come along a flash based website.

Whether you decide to use the WordPress CMS to build your next website or use static HTML do realize that its always costly to change your platform in the middle of the project. So research your platform and assess your needs well before actually starting on the project.


Source by Waqas Ahmad

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