Truth Behind Reading Writing Living WordPress Secret


Do you know the secret behind reading writing & living wordpress blog? Blog reading & writing has become one of the social behaviour on the internet even to the extend of people living on income generated through WordPress blog. This article will discuss the various aspect of reading writing and living wordpress secrets. Hopefully, this short introduction can inspire or motivate you to start blogging and maybe even earn some income through WordPress blogging.

Reading WordPress blog is the first step to blog. You can simple go to Google, type in the topic you are interested in plus a Blog at the end of the search term. You will be able to find a list of the blog to read. You can also leave you comments after reading each post and that’s one of the social behaviour of blogging community. You get to know each other through the comments communication.

After reading blog, you might be interested to start writing a wordpress blog. You can visit and sign up for a free account. You immediately have access to use a WYSIWYG editor to start writing your blog post about anything you like to write. You can start with topic you are good at or passionate about. This is how you can share what you know with others and make a difference to other people’s life.

By now, you will have developed a new habit of reading and writing wordpress blog. It has become part of your life. You can now consider living on wordpress blog. How do you do it? You will need to pick up some skills and knowledge about affiliate marketing or online advertising to monetize your blog.

WordPress blogging is fun and it is a growing social community on the internet. By now you would have some basic understanding about how to reading writing & living wordpress. If you like to take it further to make it a living, you must continue to pick up more internet marketing skills in order to make a profit out of your blog. Everything is possible 100% of the time. I hope this information will motivate you to start taking action now to either reading, writing or living on wordpress.


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