Top Three Reasons Why I Chose DIY Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson For WordPress Blogs


Like so many folks that have decided to start a blog, the choice of which theme I should use was both exciting and challenging. The shear array of themes available made the task daunting. In order to expedite and ease your decision making process, here are three reasons I chose the DIY Thesis Theme.

#1.  Ease of Use: The single most important consideration for me was ease of use. As the owner of 3 blogs my experiences with WordPress, using other themes, had been hit and miss. WordPress itself is really easy to get the hang of.

The same cannot be said for all themes.

Unless you are familiar with PHP code, which I am definitely not, changing the look of your theme so that it matches the vision you had for your site can be a task. My experience, until Thesis Theme, was that I was always forced to use someone else’s idea of color selection, or type style, or font size, or column layout – unless I knew code.

With Thesis Theme all of these selections are easily customizable, some directly from the WordPress design tab using the Thesis design panel.

Within a matter of minutes I was able to select the number of columns for my site, the font type and size, width of the columns, selection of right or left content – all with the clean, user friendly design panel.

And when it comes to customizing the theme with your header, graphics, and color choices Thesis cannot be beat. This is due to the extraordinary documentation and support found through the Thesis site and through the user forum. This leads to reason number two.

#2. Support: This might well have been my number one reason. What I found with most themes is that the download file came with a ‘read me’ document (maybe) and little else to guide you through the nuances of the theme and its customization choices.

This is where Thesis flexes its considerable muscle.

The support starts at the page where you download the theme.

If you need to know how to:  

Get Started

  • Installing and Activating Thesis for the First Time
  • How to Set Your Title Tag Structure
  • Your Navigation Menu
  • Thesis & WordPress Plugins

Use Options-based (Code-free) Design Customizations

  • Select a 1, 2, or 3-column Design with the Layout Constructor
  • How to Change Fonts and Font Sizes

Use Code-based Design Customizations

  • Customizing Thesis with custom.css
  • How to Add Custom Backgrounds
  • How to Customize Like a Pro with Theme Hooks
  • Thesis Hook Reference List
  • Thesis Default Hook Usage

All of the answers can be found in the Users Guide at the Thesis Theme website. I have found all of the documentation to be clear and understandable.

However, sometimes you will run across issues that are beyond your scope of knowledge. When you do there is a well attended User Support Forum that is moderated actively.

As of this writing there were over 2360 threads containing more than 12,560 posts. I have found that 9 times out of 10 the answer I need is contained in this forum. When the answer is not found I simply post a new question, and the moderators promptly answer – generally same day.

#3. Trust in the Author: the Thesis Theme was created by Chris Pearson. He is responsible for some of the most popular and wildly successful themes ever created. If you have heard of Cutline or Revolution, two of the most popular themes ever, then you know of his work.

Chris focuses on quality, readability and most importantly the integrity of the actual code. You don’t need to know code or care about code with his theme.

He also understands the importance of SEO and Thesis Theme has all that work covered for you. It is SEO optimized straight out of the ‘box’.

Lastly, I appreciate that he is committed to the product. Since my installation 5 months ago the theme has been updated 4 times, and each time I was notified by email.

There are likely 50 reasons why I like this theme so much. In the interest of your time and attention I will simply suggest that you have a look at the Thesis website. There you will be able to get a complete understanding of all the features. Be sure to check out the Showcase where you can see the great designs that folks have achieved with this fantastic theme.

Spend more time writing posts and less time worrying about your theme!


Source by R. Adam Shore

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