Top Ten URL Shorteners


Lengthy hyperlinks are so old-fashioned. Short hyperlinks would be the method to go on the internet nowadays, specially if you are using the microblogging platform Twitter, which has minimal character space.

You will find a great number of alternate options for shortening your links, and some are much better performing or provide other features compared to others. The subsequent list features 10 of the best URL shorteners that happen to be the preferred these days.

And at No.1:

1. is still only quite young but is rapidly becoming popular because it’s shortened URLs are very short and they have good easy to use tools including tracking aliases, password protect, shorten and easily share multiple links and keep track of all your links with graphs and statistics. Completely free, but you have to sign-up to use all of the features!

2. used to generally be much more of the foremost hyperlink shortening choice previously, and people today still utilize it, however it does incorporate a few more characters compared to others such as and With, it is possible to actually customize the end letters and numbers as an option. As an illustration, a shortened hyperlink may be: “”.


Here’s a pretty special one that will be sure to raise an eyebrow amongst those that glance at your shortened link. Simply enter your long link to instantly “biebify” it. There’s even a handy-dandy button that you can drag to your bookmark bar so that you shorten links right from your browser.


One more well-known alternative, is actually a link shortener from the top social media application called HootSuite. You may shorten a hyperlink straight away, although you’ll have to enter a CAPTCHA code. You may also share files, images and videos easily with in all varieties of different formats.

5. is probably the most widely utilized URL shorteners, even incorporated in lots of third party applications like TweetDeck and Twitterfeed. With it, it is possible to observe how many clicks your shortened hyperlinks receive, and you can bookmark and organize your links to your unique private dashboard.


McAfee is really a leading computer and internet security company that offers antivirus, encryption, firewall, email security and much more to its clientele. With its own URL shortener, you are able to be certain that your long hyperlinks are stored protected and secure for your site visitors. Again, there are a couple extra characters in this selection as compared to others such as, and

7. provides one of the simplest URL shortening encounters using a straightforward box to enter your long url and change right into a short one. You will find no real extra features or services, so this is a good selection if you just need to get the job accomplished as speedy and as smoothly as you possibly can without the need of all of the additional things like signing in and CAPTCHAs and all that.


This stands for “do not forget to be awesome,” and represents a URL shortener created by YouTube Vlog Brothers Hank and John Green as part of their DFTBA Records enterprise. It is a much less well-liked choice, but again, it’s straightforward to utilize and allows you to generate customized hyperlinks just like what provides.


Here is Google’s very own URL shortener, which is a well-liked choice that is effective for simply getting the job completed as simply as you can. As you shorten hyperlinks, Google will display them below with its long URL version, when it had been created, its corresponding shortened hyperlink and how many clicks it has received.

10. is a URL shortener offered by StumbleUpon–the social network that let’s you to stumble throughout the net. With, you can syndicate your articles or blog posts to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter in only one mouse click and view your click analytics for hyperlinks employed across all of your social media websites.


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