Tips on Meta Keyword and Meta Description Tag


Meta Keyword:

Google seems to ignore Meta keyword tags but still other search engines give some value to them. And you should not ignore this because all tags that are available for SEO should be utilized in a proper way.

  • Include keyword phrases between 12 to 15 times.
  • Don’t use a common keyword in all key phrases. You will get spamming.
  • Use key phrases which are already used in the page content. If you use keywords other than those present in the web page content then you will be penalized by search engines.
  • If you have already developed your complete website without using Meta keyword tag then I suggest let it be as is. Don’t spend time to insert the tag.
  • Each page should have Meta keywords related to the web page content.
  • Best usage of Meta keywords is inserting synonyms, misspellings and alternate words.
    • eg1:- on page content you have used the word “Web Page”. In Meta keyword use “Webpage”.
    • eg2:- on page content you have used the word “Enrolment” in meta keyword also, you can use “Enrollment”
    • eg3:- on page content you have used the word “WordPress 2.8” in meta keyword, you can use “WordPress 2.x”
    • eg4:- “Prescription” is often mistyped as “Perscription”

Meta Description:

  • It is an important tag that you should consider seriously because it will be displayed in the search results.
  • It should describe what exactly the page all about is.
  • Don’t stuff keywords but write the content for human eye.
  • Each page should have unique Meta description with keyword phrases included in it.
  • Keep the Meta description tag length between 150 – 160 characters. Because anything more than that will cut off in the search result.
  • If you have already developed your site with title tag more than 160 characters then evaluate if the keywords are covered with-in 160 characters or not. If any keywords are placed after 160 characters then you need to fix it else you can ignore. It will not affect your SEO.
  • Do not repeat same sentences and keywords which are already covered in Title tag.
  • Display the fact of the content that is not covered in the Title tag.
  • Dynamic websites that generate single description for all pages need to figure out alternative for it or any plug-in to create Meta descriptions for each page.


Source by Syed Hyder Ali

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