Tips For Using WordPress For Your Website


However, if you’d like to have your WordPress blog site resemble a squeeze page that allows people to opt-in (which you should have for any website you create), you are going to need to add some code. The easiest way to get this form code is through your autoresponder system. That is, whatever you’re going to be using to mail your list with, they’re going to have an autoresponder system inside it. Whenever you have an autoresponder system, it’s going to provide you with a place where you’re going to be able to create a form that puts your visitor who fill in your form, into that autoresponder. It allows those people from your list to receive future mailings from you.

So let’s just say you’re using Autoresponse Plus for your list software. Let’s say you have two autoresponders in there and you want to get them in the second autoresponder. Scroll your eyes all the way across and you’re going to see a thing called “form”. When you push that button, it’s going to ask you what information you would like to collect from people. Would you like to collect their first name, last name, email address, phone number… etc.? You in turn make a choice as to what information you’d like to collect from your list. You may say, “Okay, I want to have people’s first name and email address.” So then you’re just going to choose those credentials so that your autoresponder software can generate the form code for you. You are going to take that form code and input it into your blog. That’s how you’re going to be able to create an opt-in box for your blog.

Now, how do you drive traffic to your WordPress blog site? Well, the same way I would recommend you drive traffic to any site. One of the best ways to start getting traffic to your site is going to be by paying for it. This is called pay-per-click. You can set this up by creating an advertising campaign on Google Adwords. You simply set your daily budget and place your ad and you should be able to capture some prospects who are interested in your product offering.

The next thing that I always highly recommend is to start writing and submitting some articles. It will cost you nothing but time to do articles, so if your budget is tight, just start with submitting articles. If you have some extra funds, get somebody else to write them and submit them. The thing to remember with articles though, is it will take one to three months to start getting indexed by the search engines. However, once they start really getting out there a lot more, on a regular basis, you’re going to start seeing them go viral and they will be all over the internet.

A WordPress website is a great tool to use to begin getting good exposure. However, you need to couple it with some marketing tactics like article submission or Google AdWords to see even greater results. Simply take action to begin reaping the rewards of all your hard work.


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