Tips For Hiring Someone to Outsource Work For Your WordPress Website


OK so you have a few WordPress websites and the work is just getting too much for you. Maybe your time would be better spent in other areas instead of the trivial tasks that seem to eat up your day. Many webmasters struggle to get the work done but also find it hard to let someone do the work for them. “What if they do not do it right?” What if you cannot get them to answer my emails? They might say something wrong.” All these thoughts go through your head.

Thankfully WordPress can do a lot of the work for you, however if you are serious about building a WordPress Website empire, then outsourcing is the only way. You can struggle and spend all your time doing everything, or you can bite the bullet and get help. I did.

It does not matter where you go to hire someone, the only thing that is important is that the person does the job you ask for well. Getting the right person to outsource work to is all up to you. You have to list what you want. Here are a few tips on hiring the right person for your WordPress Website:

1. Write a detailed job description. Be clear and precise. If you do not mention something you will be sorry.

2. Mention deadlines. Always let people know when you want the work completed by so there is no misunderstanding. If you are too easy you will never get your work. You will also encourage the wrong people to submit applications.

3. Let then know what you hope to pay and what you are paying for. If you need 10x 400 word articles and you want to pay $4 and article, list it all. Then add up the final price so there is no mistake. This way you will not get those crazy quotes that are simply way out of your budget.

I guess everyone has heard of the top two websites you can go to for hiring people to outsource work to. These are Elance and Odesk. I have tried about a dozen other websites and have ended up back at these two websites to find workers for me.

Sooner or later you will have to hire people to help you as your business grows. I personally could not write all of the content I need myself. Thanks to outsourcing, my websites are full of great content.


Source by Milica Pantic

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