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If you have a blog you may think you may never want to change anything. On the other side, you could have plans to change down the road. Either way, there may be a time when you will need to move your blog to a new domain name and should that time come, it is best to know what to do.

Why would I want to move my blog?

The reasons you might move WordPress are endless. You may decide your old domain name no longer suits you or the direction you are now going. Perhaps you decided to move things around, adding a sub-domain or getting rid of one. You could decide to change web hosts. Maybe someone offers you a million dollars for your domain name. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Start your blog move at your existing WordPress

Export your WordPress posts. Note where you save it. Now visit your cPanel. You want to copy your entire wp-content folder from that blog. Also if you have a favicon or Robots.txt file you will want to copy those as well.

If you are starting over because a theme or plugin is corrupt, or you are changing those, then skip to the next section. This should get all your plugins, themes, and uploads such as pictures. (should) Again note where you save it.

The next step in your blog move is your New Domain

First you need to make certain you have your new domain set up with WordPress. Use Fantastico or SimpleScripts depending on your webhost, or do it manually. If you copied your wp-content you want to upload your old wp-content and override the existing folder on the new blog.

Moving to Your New WordPress Blog

Now visit your new blog. It will be empty. Visit your dashboard and import all your blog posts, from the file you saved. Check your results.

Activate your theme (or new theme) and your plugins. If you are remaining the same in appearance you want to make certain all the same things are in place. Check settings on plugins, widgets, and themes. These may remain the same with the transfer, but they may change.

Adding a Plugin to fix your blog move changes

Click your plugins, then Add New. In the search box, type “Update URLs.” The plugin you want is “Velvet Blues Update URLs.” Install and activate the plugin. Then visit settings and update URLs. Check your blog, your URLs should be as they were before except with your new domain name. Now visit plugins again, deactivate Velvet Blues and then delete it. As a side note, you want to remove any plugins you do not use. Keeping your WordPress clean helps it work clean.

Congratulations, your blog has been moved!


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