Thesis Theme – The 2nd Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your WordPress Blog


The best thing you can do for your blog is obvious; produce great content. But once you’ve done that, you need to ensure as many people as possible can find your blog and enjoy navigating its pages. The second best thing you can do for your blog is to get a great theme that helps you do all those things (and preferably more).

Imagine, you’re a beginner blogger, trying hard to improve your page rank, increase your followers and make your site as user friendly as possible. That was me not long ago, stumbling around in the dark, trying to find the solution to several difficulties I was having with WordPress.

After much research (And hesitation!), I recently bought Thesis Theme for my blog. As it turns out, it was a fantastic decision. The Thesis Theme really delivers what it promises – a highly customizable, SEO-friendly theme that improves almost every facet of your blog.

I have a personal blog that doesn’t run on the Thesis Theme and a professional blog that does. The Thesis-powered blog loads about twice as fast as the non-Thesis blog, despite having more content – and running on exactly the same server. Not only that, but within days of installing the Thesis Theme on my professional blog, (which has a .net domain) I started beating the already-established .com equivalent in Google searches!

As soon as I have time I’ll be upgrading to Thesis Theme on all of my blogs. Since I bought the developer option, I don’t have to pay anything extra to install it on any blog I own. It is a ridiculously good deal, considering how much you could have to pay to get your site professionally SEO-optimized and designed. Not to mention ongoing costs if you want to make changes to the look and feel of your blog.

While the Thesis WordPress Theme makes making customization of your blog easy for the most part, there are some things that aren’t so obvious. I’ve turned the few hours I spent fiddling into a free guide, so you can get straight into making your blog the best it can be. With or without my guide, Thesis Theme is fantastic and well worth the purchase price – but if your are going to get it anyway, why not get a free bonus while you’re at it?

Edit: If you’re still not sure about Thesis Theme for WordPress, then along with my guide I’ve provided a link to a great video review of the theme, which will let you know if Thesis is right for you.


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