The Pros and Cons of WordPress


WordPress in one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. Not only are they easy to set up and get started with, but they also offer you a wide variety of features to help you make your blogging experience even better. However, WordPress may not be for everyone as they may not provide you with all the blogging features that you may be looking for. Here are the pros and cons of WordPress.

The Pros

Easy Platform. WordPress offers you a very easy blogging platform to get started with. When you sign up, you are guided in the right direction to choose a subdomain, or your own domain name. They also provide you with a dashboard from where you can change the layout of your blog, view your blog entries, your comments and much more.

Lots of Layouts. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms for offering you a wide range of blog layouts which you can choose from. This helps you to find a layout that is more suitable for your topic.

High Rankings. Another great benefit of blogging with WordPress is that any blog you set up with them will naturally rank high in the search engines. Thus it can help you to generate good traffic to your main website.

Create Group Blogs. If you are a part of a group, then all of your members can participate under the same blog.

Importing. WordPress also allows you to import content from your other blogs to help you save time uploading your content.

The Cons

No Ads. One of the major issues that people face with WordPress is the fact that they do not allow you to put up ads of any kind. This includes Google Ads, Kontera as well as affiliate ads. On top of that, you also cannot add any type of form to collect email addresses on so on.

However, there is a way around this. If you become a paying member at WordPress, they will allow you to add ads as well as other forms. Thus you can set up your blog, drive traffic to it, and then become a paying member and monetize it. By doing this you won’t be losing out on any money.

But even though you cannot advertise on WordPress without becoming a paying member, it still is a great blogging platform that can help you to generate lots of free traffic to your main website, as well as help you to establish your online credibility.


Source by Helen Reimer

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