The Great Value Of WordPress SEO


In most situations, optimizing the official blog of your company might be as important as making your website more SEO friendly. Therefore, if you want to become more successful and obtain a better presence on the web you should start looking for solutions for a smooth search engine optimized WordPress blog, about which you will find more in the following lines.

An installation of WordPress comes ready for Google, Yahoo or Bing. The functions and features included help search engines index your blog correctly and gather the information they need to include your site in the database. WordPress also comes with several tools that help optimize sites, including the ability to add files. Also there are lots of plugins that can be used for WordPress SEO. But once you start using WordPress and edit your blog you might spoil some of those features that make WordPress friendly in terms of SEO. This is the point where you should look for the services offered by a team of professional SEO experts.

Some of the WordPress principles that should be followed in terms of website optimizaiton are as follows:

Clean code

The SEO provider should always make sure your HTML code is valid and appropriate. Errors in the code may prevent your blog from being properly indexed by search engines.

Quality of content

Search engines do not “see” your blog. Instead, they can only read certain bits of content. A nice design or plugin means nothing to search engines. What matters to them are the words, content and the material from your site that explains, shares or inform. Therefore, as part of the WordPress SEO services, you should ensure that you provide quality content for the search engines, something to be examined and compared in order to obtain the best possible position in search engines.

Content first

A search engine will often ignore the styles and the CSS part of your blog. Instead, it will just collect the content and information. Most WordPress themes are created in a way that places the content as high as possible on your styled page. Few engines actually scan more than the first third of the pages. This is one of the WordPress SEO secrets you should be aware of.

Keyword Links, Links and Titles

Finally, engines do not evaluate your site based on how beautiful it is, but instead they only evaluate words. As a consequence, you must always ensure that the necessary keywords are included in the appropriate places.


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