The Best Way to Sell a Product – Use a Blog!


Usually people have a mind set that the blogs are written to provide free information or people write on their own personal interest on blogs. Of course many people are earning through their blogs with ads, even you may have setup AdSense or same kind of advertising service to make money through your blog. But can one actually sell a product through blog? Of course, and in fact it s the best way to sell a product through blog. I will give you some tips on why it is the best way.

Zero Investment:

Mostly you require some investment if you wish to start any business to sell products. But blogs they are completely free. Two of the most famous blog software are Blogger and WordPress. Both of them allow you to create blogs completely free. Just go there, fill in your personal details, choose your blog URL, choose an your choice of template and hit enter. Your blog is ready for you to make your first post.

Require Less Effort on SEO:

If you choose to sell a product through your website, it requires a lot of effort to rank your site high enough on search engines so that people can find your website and purchase products from you. But both of these blog software have internal and automatic optimizing mechanism. They ping every blogs when a blogger posts a new post into it. So majority of the search engines take note of it and they crawl through your latest blog post and index it.

What to Sell on Blogs:

Usually you can sell anything you like on blogs. If you have your own product you can post a good description of it and sell it. You can also purchase resale rights products and sell them on your blog. The best thing to sell on your blog is affiliate products. You can go to Amazon and become an affiliate. Then find an eBook related to your blog category and sell it through your blog. Another source of thousands of affiliate products is ClickBank. They have more than ten thousand digital product to sell.

How to Sell on Blogs:

Any products will not get sold with a snap of a finger. If you choose to sell your own product, you need to write a good description of your product. You will require to upload some photographs of your product. If you choose to sell resale rights products, then these products usually come with a sales letter and graphics. You just have to publish them in your blog post. If you choose to sell affiliate products, then affiliate providers have many useful resources you can utilize in your blog. They have wide variety of different banners, ready to publish blog post, email letters etc. This is the easiest way to publish a post to make sell.


Source by Gagan Shridharani

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