The Battle Between Blogger And WordPress – Which Should You Decide To Go For?


There is a continual raging debate about Blogger and WordPress. Many of the supporters of both blogging platforms express outrage at using the other software. In this article I would like to examine in detail which platform is the better of the two and why you should decide to use it.

With Blogger you get a hosted domain name. Consequently when people do a search for a blog your web site will appear with almost no search engine optimization done. However, I do suggest that you at least register your own domain name and get your own web hosting. So that in the future you will be able to sell the domain if you choose and also to get long term search engine rankings.

However, the very big disadvantage of Blogger is that you get a very limited selection of themes and plugins. If you are a newbie still learning about internet marketing then you will be able to learn a lot from this platform as it is very easy to use, but very limited in features.

If you would like to build a long term business using blogs I seriously suggest that you consider WordPress. The main reason for this is that WordPress is open source and you can get a large selection of plugins and themes for it. This will definitely give you a very big advantage when running the web site.

Also one of the big advantages of WordPress is that it allows you to create categories. So you can for example make different posts in different categories. Later on as your web site grows and becomes huge it will be easy for readers to view the information. This feature also helps to get your content indexed better in search engines.

Finally, you can use web 2 plug ins for example to automatically vote for your web site on social story sites like Digg. This will give you additional traffic and better search engine rankings.


Source by Mark A. Abrahams

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