The 7 Best Apple iPad Apps


So, you want to get yourself an iPad or already have one but you do not know which applications to run or add to ensure that you are making the best of your gadgets. There are over 150,000 applications that you can run on your iPad but some of the 7 best iPad applications are:

1. iTunes. This is for all your music, from the lyrics to the videos and it can store all the files you have.

2. Wall Street Journal (WSJ).Want to keep up with the beat? You can get news from all around the globe with WJS on your iPad. And you don’t have to get what you want too – you can pick and choose what’s of interest to you.

3. WordPress. Are you a blogger on the go? An iPad may be your solution. You can get onto your blog anywhere and update it or make changes to it.

4. Picasa Web albums. Your bulky camera is a thing of the past (ok, it may not be bulky but still, if you can carry one gadget, why carry 2?). Take a share photos on the go and share them with whomever you like.

5. E*TRADE mobile pro: this application takes you straight to your investments (forex and stocks) and with the large iPad screen you can control your portfolio. It helps you manage your money on the go.

6. Skype: If you communicate often, you know that Skype is indispensable. This application makes social networking easy and on the go, you can talk to your friends, clients, and family while on the go-at a bus, airport or even while relaxing at home. It also has links to other networking sites.

7. Asphalt 5: This application brings racing to action. You can choose from 30 fastest cars and 12 most amazing cities in the world just to get a feel of racing and even win some races of your own.

These applications not only make your life easy. They make it fun. They give you lots of reasons to get yourself an iPad – go ahead; give your self a treat.


Source by Steven Kirby

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