Subscribers Magnet – New WordPress Plugin Full Review


There is a new creation in the form of a plugin for WordPress that promises to change the way you do email marketing on your blog. The creator of this amazing plugin is the Internet Marketer Pawan Agrawal. The plugin was designed to be extremely easy to position your email opt-in forms anywhere on your WordPress blog this will allow you to maximize your subscribers opting in to your newsletters or to opting in to any paid or free offer you may be promoting. Targeted subscribers = More $$$, so Subscribers Magnet has the potential to shoot up your affiliate profit stream.

Since I had the opportunity to download a demo copy just last week here is my review in a nutshell. I will be able to give you a more elaborate assessment when it officially launches on July 27th,

1. Extremely easy to use plugin admin page for setting up your email forms.

2. Set your opt-in form wherever on your blog, or even in several places. This includes in your sidebar, within posts or comments, or your footer area.

3. Auto fills your opt-in form for your visitors. That means that they don’t have to fill in their name or email addresses; Subscribers Magnet does it automatically. Perfect for lazy potential buyers

4. Your comment form serves as a subtle ‘Silent Subscribe’ that automatically collects their name and emails. The plugin will even automatically send them a thank you note for leaving a comment. Think of the power of this feature to slowly build a relationship with your subscriber.

5. This amazing plugin will even track the method used by your visitor to opt-in. This comprehensive tracking system will clearly help you optimize your efforts and allow you to pin point were you need improvement.

6. The plugin supports Aweber, GetResponse and most popular autoresponders.

7. The plugin can also be used with RSS feeds. The plugin simply make sure that whenever new content is posted on your WordPress blog a feed is immediately made available. In mere seconds, the feed is readily accessible to your list and those who opted to receive RSS feeds from your blog.

Overall, this innovative WordPress plugin appears to have some great clever features for integrating your opt-in forms into your site.

After my initial test my conclusion and honest review is that this new plugin is a must have if you are serious about Internet marketing and if you want to bring your income level to a different level. This plugin should definitely help explode your profits.


Source by Regis Pelletier

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