Step by Step Guide to Set Up a Successful CPA Affiliate Website


When you are starting up as an affiliate, it is probably a great idea to start with finding high paying CPA affiliate programs to promote on your affiliate website. Even if you decide to go for direct linking to the affiliate program’s offer page, you will need a site to give you credibility, and pre-sell your CPA offers. Research shows that people are more likely to buy from people they can relate to, that’s why many affiliates choose niche blogs as an effective tool for their campaigns.

Also, in order to get accepted by a serious and high paying CPA affiliate network you are most likely to need a professional affiliate website. But remember: you are setting up an income producing tool so get it right the first time, so it will serve your affiliate programs the most profitable way. Before you join any affiliate programs, you need to make sure that you have carefully chosen the niche you will have a chance to dominate. You need to get to know people within the niche, in order to be able to offer what they want.

I know that sounds scarier than it is: the best choice to make a stunning affiliate website for your CPA offers is to go for WordPress. You buy your keyword rich domain name, and install WordPress on it, therefore it becomes SEO friendly. You need a site that is and can be updated regularly, and has fresh content all the time grabbing search engines’ and visitors’ attention.

Once you have your affiliate site set up, and filled with content (preferably your own articles, or ones you have full rights for), you can start looking for the right products. Before you put on an offer to your site, you will need to study the landing page, to be able to write content around it. Fore example: if you write an article about diets and the e-book you promote disagrees with your first principle, that is going to make your prospects confused and put them off. The highest converting affiliate websites share the secret of being relevant.

You can go with any affiliate offer that you think is going to suit your website, but remember: internet marketing is all about testing and tweaking the offers, and changing, swapping over ads if needed in order to maximize affiliate revenue. You actually make more harm than good if you stick with an offer that doesn’t convert.

You also have to make sure that your affiliate offers closely relate to your website keywords, that way you can get great targeted traffic, and your conversions are going to increase as well. The best affiliate sites are search engine friendly niche blogs, that utilize SEO and content in order to attract natural traffic. They focus on one particular niche, target the right keywords, and their CPA affiliate offers are closely related to the high quality content.


Source by Laura Wolf

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