Start a Successful Fitness Blog for Fun and Profit


Over six years ago, I started a fitness blog as a motivational tool for myself to keep up with health and fitness. I figured if I kept an online journal of all of the things I was learning about fitness, it would keep me motivated enough to work out and eat right on a regular basis. I would write blog posts almost every day. Over time, I noticed that I was beginning to receive several visitors. People were even starting to link to my articles and leave comments as well. Soon, I began feeling good about writing and enjoyed the feedback I was receiving.

Fast forward to today and now that blog I started so many years ago now provides me with somewhat passive income. I say somewhat because I have to maintain the web site so it isn’t 100% hands-off. However, I still enjoy writing articles for it.

Some of the perks I receive from running a fitness blog are free products to review as well as income from the advertisements I run. I have received cool fitness products from books to a free pair of walking shoes. I receive emails on a regular basis for product reviews.

The first step to running a successful fitness blog is to purchase your own domain name and web hosting. I would avoid starting off on a free blogging service simply because you don’t have as much control as hosting it yourself. You can run any type of advertisements you like when you control your own blog. You can purchase a domain name from any reputable domain registrar. I highly recommend keeping your domain name relevant to the topic and get it in a “.com” if it’s available. You can find good and affordable web hosting plans all over the internet.

Once your domain and web hosting, I also recommend installing WordPress as your blogging platform. It is very simple to install and most web hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation for the non-tech savvy individuals. WordPress is easy to use and is search engine friendly right out of the box.

Finally, you want to write in plenty of good content. When starting out, I suggest writing on a regular basis – once a day if possible – but a few times a week at the minimum. In order to start marketing your blog, leave comments on other fitness blogs you visit, create a Twitter account and a Facebook page as well.

Good content will be the key to achieving repeat visitors as well as having other bloggers link to your web site. Stay consistent with your posts and about after 6 months time, you should have a steady stream of web traffic and that is where the passive income comes in. Experiment with various monetization options such as PPC ads, affiliate ads, and banner advertisements to learn what pulls in the best income.


Source by Tina Haines

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