Start a Jewelry Business – Creating an Inexpensive Jewelry Website


The new software system is giving anyone who wants to have a presence on the web a chance to do so. This benefits jewelry makers greatly by giving them the freedom to create a place to do business cheaply and easily. Selling on Etsy and eBay is good, but creating your own portal is even better. Your website can also include educational information on gemstones, healing properties of minerals and cleaning tips among things.

WordPress software can upload to your hosting service in minutes with one click. It doesn’t get any easier than this. You first need a hosting service such as to store the website on. This will cost you a whopping $9.99 a month. Then you buy a domain name, again only $9.00 a year or so. Then the rest is simple:

* Get your domain to point to your hosting. (HostGator will walk you through this)

* Upload your WordPress software with one-click “fantastico”

* Pick a theme (a theme is what your website will look like)

* Start adding pages to your WordPress site.

* Start adding products to your pages.

* Paste the shopping cart buttons under the products (PayPal, 1shoppingcart, aweber, etc..)

* Start advertising! (Facebook, blogs, articles, Twitter, etc…)

Trust me…it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You can even find someone to do all this for you for a small fee. The point is that you can have a website up and running in a few hours, not months like in the old days. I would have started much sooner if it had been this easy. My online sales are often more than even my best art shows because I have a chance to reach a far larger audience. For jewelry makers that are ready to market their creations as far as they can go, the proper guidance and training will open up the opportunities you need to succeed.


Source by Lisa Jesse

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