Socrates WordPress Theme


Do you know Socrates? Not the famous Greek philosopher but the affiliate WordPress theme…

There’s a new WordPress Theme to enter the world of premium themes. It is called Socrates. The Socrates WordPress Theme was developed by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson. They are in the internet marketing business for over 20 years and has been active in the industry teaching people how to make money online while creating a number of successful online websites.

The Socrates WordPress Theme is customizable and it is suitable for both professionals and beginner bloggers. The theme is very easily to look however you like it which make it perfect for internet marketers looking to create a great niche blogs. It allows you to set up your own customized niche website using monetized features such as AdSense, ClickBank and social media sliders all with a custom header generator that can create 1000’s of unique different patterns and designs, 4 different nav bar designs and also allows you to customize the styles, background and color combinations to your blogs in seconds. And it is very powerful option to have when it comes to getting indexed in the search engines fast.

You also have the ability to insert your own banner ads which rotate with your affiliate links embedded just with a simple mouse click. You also have a custom html section where you can add even more promotional ads to the theme.

All functions are fully explained in video tutorials. There are plugins included that make it very easy to start marketing your blogs, such as the social media plugin that allows you to integrate with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You have only seen a quick glimpse of what the Socrates WordPress Theme can do, As you can see… not only will your website be unique because of all of the choices you have, but it’s already monetized. See how powerful and easy to use it, and how it could greatly increase your affiliate business.


Source by Lee Loreno

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