Should You Use Blogger Or WordPress?


There is often much discussion on Internet Marketing forums about the comparison and consequently benefits of using either Blogger or WordPress.

In my opinion and based on years of experience with both blogging platforms the answer is: It doesn’t matter!

No, it really doesn’t matter which blog platform you use because at the end of the day all that really matters is getting your content indexed, ranked in the search engines and getting the traffic that will ultimately earn you the income that you deserve if you convince people to take some form of action.

There are people who have made hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars from static websites so they didn’t even need a blog to get their message across.

There are people who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from using free Blogger blogs.

They made the money because they supplied a solution to a demand that was in the marketplace.

They solved a problem that people has when searching for a solution.

It is not the blog that will make you the money, it is your content.

Get good at creating good, relevant content, and you can make a lot of money online.

Too many people get caught up in matters that don’t really matter and more often than not the advice that is being given on the Internet Marketing forums is not based on any form of experience.

The basics of business online are really no different than the basics of business offline.

Sure the shop front needs to be appealing, but you also need to stock the right goods once people get inside and a flashy shop with no stock is never going to make the business owner any money.


Source by Geoff Shaw

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