Should I Use Blogger Or WordPress For My Blog?


Not the first time you’ve heard this, I bet! It’s something I asked myself too, many times. I decided to write this to try and help answer that.

I’m using WordPress now so the simple answer is WordPress. But life is not always that simple. Let me explain…I currently have very limited experience of WordPress but I do have experience of using Blogger and want to pass on my experience to you.

My post here is in no way a means to criticise Blogger but merely to help you choose which to use and to help you understand that your mistakes when using Blogger can prove costly.

I started my blogging life using Blogger.

I was more than happy to use Blogger, after all, it was easy to use and free. It seemed ideal for a new starter. I often looked at other WordPress blogs and thought how nice they looked, how more creative they looked. But, everyone was saying, it’s the content that matters. If your content is good enough people will read it and want to return to your site. Just concentrate on posting as many articles as you can on your blog and everything will be OK.

However, some people had warned about the dangers of Blogger. Blogger owns your content and you are trusting all your hard work to be safe in their hands. I didn’t really pay much attention to this, after all, why would Blogger be interested in shutting me down? Why would they waste their time on me?

All I had to do was read their Terms and Conditions and behave myself and everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse. Ultimately, I broke the Blogger Terms of Service. Not knowingly and not willingly but I was guilty.

My blog was shut down. I was not given the reason as to how I broke the rules, so that I could learn from my mistakes and start again, ensuring I wouldn’t do it again. Unfortunately, there is no appeal.

In summary, if this helps you decide, Blogger or WordPress, I am happy my bad experience has been useful.

As long as you are compliant with their rules there is no reason why you shouldn’t use Blogger. Learn their rules and hope you abide by them. If you do use them then please keep a copy of all your posts, just in case you do lose them. This, needless to say, is good practice anyway, irrespective of whether you use Blogger or WordPress.

Oh.. And just in case you do suffer like I did here’s a way to get part of your blog back…

Search for your blog in Google and select the cached copy. You can now open this in your favourite web authoring software, or paste into your word processor and at least then you have access to your most recent posts, depending on how many you had listed on your first page, ready to paste into your new blog. That’s right….your new blog: Don’t give up. Start again if need be but hopefully you won’t have to as you will have read this first and learnt from my mistake!

Thank you for reading.

Please do leave some feedback and good luck with your efforts!


Source by Andy Raybould

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