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A lot of people search for SEO optimized WordPress themes but don’t realize that WordPress itself is optimized for SEO. All you need to do is install a few key plugins and your site will be Google ready fast.

The first essential plugin is called “All in One SEO”. It places two key boxes beneath each post for writing good description and title tags in WordPress. One of it’s best features is that it does an automatic character count, showing you (as you type) how close you are to the limit. In order to optimize your site for Google, you’ll need to add your target keyword to the title of the document, the Page Title (found in the All in One SEO area) and the description. Every single page of your site needs this, otherwise you’re missing out on search engine results.

Additionally you can create custom settings in the plugin for how it writes title tags throughout your site. It’s highly recommended to only use %post_title% or %page_title% for your pages and posts so that you can write full titles inside each page and post, making sure you don’t go over the target of 60 characters.

The next essential plugin is used to generate a sitemap for Google. Search for “Google XML Sitemaps” in Plugins > Add New to install. It’s very easy to get running the first time, but you’ll need to go to Google’s webmasters page in order to add the sitemap to their system. Doing this is essential to have Google update your site content fast. If you make a bunch of changes throughout your site you should go to the plugin and click on the “rebuild your sitemap” link so that it will automatically notify Google that your content has been updated. Also make sure to set an appropriate schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) for various areas of your site.

The last key plugin to optimize your WordPress theme is Robots Meta. This plugin makes sure that Google doesn’t list the same content twice. If you’ve ever noticed all of those links under a post (author, tags, category) this can lead to duplicate entries of the same content inside Google’s system. Install this plugin and simply check every box listed in it’s settings, then save. It will do the rest for you. This plugin is also handy when you don’t want some content indexed in Google. Simple click the “no index, no follow” button in your page and it won’t get listed.

So hopefully you now know there’s no point in searching for SEO optimized WordPress themes when ANY theme in WordPress can be optimized for Google!


Source by Peter J Harris

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