Selecting Your Next WordPress Theme – What to Look at


1. Responsive Design

This is among the most crucial features to be incorporated in any website that is concerned about gaining the loyalty of its clients. That is one the reasons prompting the current users to move away from desktops to handheld gadgets for targeting those customers who use mobile devices for making various purchases.

It is really difficult in the current scenario to get effective results by having a page that fails to display your content appropriately on the mobile devices. The most significant benefit of having a responsive design is the fact that your website or blog will automatically adjust its size to fit on a screen of any size.

2. Auto Upgrades & Support

You should understand that howsoever stunning might be the looks of your theme, it is customer service that helps selling. Thankfully, the WordPress templates offered by reliable sources offer 24X7 support without charge, and have auto upgrades.

3. Navigation

Even if you provide first class content through an attractively designed website, and give many options that facilitate the users to access your site, it is vital for them to be able to navigate through the site easily and quickly. All your hard work proves fruitless unless you provide an easy navigation of your site. No one likes to struggle to find relevant information.

A site offering easy navigation will certainly prove successful. Ensure that your site provides it.

4. Integration with Social Media

It is quite trendy now for bloggers and corporate websites to make use of social media. It helps encouraging the participation of your users in discussions, as well as sharing or commenting on your posts. By using social sharing buttons, this can be achieved easily. Social media integration has proven to an effective way of increasing the page views.

5. Easy Customization

While procuring a theme, find out if it can be customized easily. Certain providers of templates would deliver you a theme plus comprehensive guides concerning the installation and management. Depending on your objective, you should find out the advanced options forming a part of the theme. Does it provide the required functionality, like a calendar, galleries, slider and portfolios? What’s the number of font and color options it offers, and what type of regular pages does it come with?

You should also know if the provider is offering you a packaged functionality together with the template.

Usually, this functionality doesn’t get switched on by default.

6. Quick Loading

Today, Internet users want quick-loading websites, otherwise they move to another site. It is realized that most of them would like a site to get completely loaded within three seconds.

Three seconds isn’t too long a time, until you start looking for something on the net. That’s what makes it imperative for you to be particularly discriminatory while selecting a WordPress theme. Many problems associated with the speed of loading disappear if you select a clean, well-coded template with committed plug-ins fashioned for speeding up the website.


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