RSS – Super Charge Your Blog Traffic


A great tactic to employ resulting in more traffic to your blog is to make use of the RSS feed that accompanies your blog.

If you have a wordpress blog, all you need to do is add “feed” to the back of your url. If it’s a blogger blog you’ll need to use atom.xml

WordPress example:

Blogger example:

RSS feeds has proven extremely useful for top bloggers in many cases.

The typical person does not have the time to keep his eye on a certain blog. Thats where RSS comes in hand, someone can subscribe to your blog and place your RSS feed in a feedreader which will enable them to always stay updated with what is going on with your blog. Every time you make a post to your blog, they’ll know.

Your feed can also be placed on other websites. A webmaster just adds your rss feed to a rss aggregator and voila, your rss feed will show on their website.

This feed can be placed at an unlimited amount of websites. People visiting those sites can receive all the information on whats going on at your blog. By incorporating RSS feeds and the relevant placement of it you will soon realize an influx of visitors on the scout for that product which you offer and they seek, making you grow and boost your traffic with every single post you make.

RSS can also be used in your blog to provide visitors with updated feeds of upcoming events and important information on certain products or services that you are or will be offering.

RSS is also a valuable tool to get your blog or website indexed faster when other webmaster place that feed on their site, resulting in faster indexed pages, backlinks and more traffic coming your blogs way.

So make sure to use the extensive power of an RSS feed to super size your blog traffic.


Source by Ryan Matthews

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