Review of Website Builders With Hosting – How to Easily Build a Website


You want to get online but the biggest obstacle stopping you is the fact that you know nothing about HTML, Javascript or even where to begin. You can always hire a firm to build your site for you, but most professional web designers can cost upwards of thousands of dollars! You’ve probably heard of most web hosting solutions offering a free web site builder but truth be told, most will simply install open source software onto your website like Joomla, WordPress or osCommerce.

While these are excellent web site builders, they do require that you know how to use them which could take days or even weeks to learn. To make matters worse, most web hosts don’t even offer any type of support to help you with these site builders. There is however an easier solution and that’s with Website Builder Hosting provided by Homestead. Homestead offers a Website Builder Hosting plan that lets you select from over 2,000 ready made templates and lets you easily customize it by editing the images, colors, fonts and images.

With one click publishing, your site can be live instantly to the world. Homestead gives you the ability to build your website with no knowledge of HTML required and allow you to get online in less than an hour. Homestead is perfect for small businesses, professionals and individuals who want an online presence but lack the knowledge to create their own website. Homestead hosting understands that not everyone has the time to learn how to build a website so they’ve created an easy solution that helps get you online with a professional looking website.

1. Pick A Design – Choose from over 2,000+ templates ready made templates with images and industry specific text. With over 100 industries to choose from, you’re bound to find a template that best suits you.

2. Customize – Easily drop in your own logo or choose from the free library of over 250,000 images. Edit text, colors, images, fonts and links the way you want.

3. Publish – Publish your site to the world with your free domain name and email address. Make changes to your site anytime. No more hassles with FTP!


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