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Incansoft are software developers, which typically develop internet marketing based software for website owners. They have experience with a wide variety of different products which generally seem to work very well. They have a number of years of experience and certainly create products which “look and feel” great!

RSS Gadgets is a script which Incansoft have developed which can run on your web servers, which enables you to include feeds within your website and web pages. These feeds can come from Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Go Articles, and Twitter.

What does this do for your site?

Well, if you are an Amazon or eBay affiliate, this script will enable your website to be a fully functioning shop. Therefore if someone is to purchase a product from your website, you could potentially earn commission for the sale. Plus from the visitors to your website’s perspective having this type of software installed could definitely improve the visitor experience.

You can carefully select feeds that are based on the Keywords which you input, meaning that the content which is delivered from the RSS feeds, will be relevant to your page, or site.

To set the service up, you first need to configure it to include your affiliate ID if you have one. It is possible to not include the ID, but obviously you will not receive any commission if a sales is completed.

Incansoft provide you with step by step instructions on how to install the script on to your website, including the specifics of the changes which you will need to make to the code to ensure that it works fully. They also go into specific specifications for each of the website types that it is possible to install the software for.

They go so far as to include instructions for a WordPress installation which again they provide step by step instructions for, which again is relatively straightforward.

So, does it work! A short answer is yes. To get the plugin to look and feel the way that you want it to may take some time however. You will need to have a basic understanding of Php to install this, otherwise I would suggest that it is probably worth hiring someone to configure the script on your behalf.

I have recently viewed a number of sites where they have this script fully functional and this works very well.

The only criticism which I have is that they haven’t made a video of the installation to demonstrate the process in a visual format.

Rating 4/5


Source by Matt Lenzie

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