Product Review Theme – WordPress Help in Setting Up Your Review Site


If you’ve decided to set up your own review site, you’ve made a very wise move.  Review sites are an excellent way to increase your Internet marketing income.  You can promote several products on one website and intercept customers who are almost ready to buy.  Best of all, they are easy to set up with WordPress and the right theme.

However, it’s not always easy to find the best product review theme.  WordPress has several free themes, but most of them are designed for blogging, not for review websites.  If you know HTML, you won’t find it too difficult to change them.  But if you don’t know HTML, you may find yourself spending days just setting up one site.  This eats into your potential profits.

A better option is to find a ready made product review theme.  WordPress themes in general are easy to use and easy for designers to adapt, so you’ll find sites all over the Internet that have themes.  A word of advice, though:  stay away from free themes you find online.  Unless they’re from a reputable designer, you’ll probably spend a lot of time fixing bugs.  The theme you like may not be compatible with the current version of WordPress, and there’s even a chance it may contain a virus.

A better option is to purchase an affordable theme.  One that’s customizable allows you to use the same theme for several different sites.  I prefer one that does not require you to go into the HTML to change pictures or the header.  Ease of use and support are also important factors.


Source by Colleen I Slater

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