PPC Trick Revealed – Creating Instant Landing Pages With WordPress!


You probably knew this already… But to be successful at PPC in this day and age, you need to be QUICK at getting your landing pages live. If you’re still hand-coding your landing pages then you’re not harnessing the power of WordPress to it’s full potential. With one-click installs from cPanel on the majority of web hosts, the speed at which you can spring up an attractive sales page or squeeze page is frightening! Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • WordPress landing page templates are plug-and-play themes that transform your blog into an attractive sales/squeeze page. This isn’t all, because managing your sales page is so easy that you can flick between all 10 or more themes to test which one converts best!
  • Split testing the blog couldn’t be easier. Simply add posts and load them up into Google web optimizer to track your headlines, copy and other elements.
  • WordPress is naturally SEO friendly which means you can benefit from natural search too, meaning more commissions/opt-ins for you!
  • Editing couldn’t be simpler, a PPC campaign can be tweaked simply by editing in the WYSIWYG editor. You can react quickly to the incoming data and keep your campaigns as optimized as they can be.
  • Track your campaigns with analytics by installing the one-click plugin into your blog. No more messing with code, it’s never been easier to install key components in the click of a button.
  • Launch campaigns FAST! To be successful in PPC, you need to launch your CPA campaigns quickly to beat the competition! WordPress allows you to do this, and do it well. You can launch an opt-in page in under 5 minutes.

Those are just some of the advantages to speeding up your PPC campaigns by harnessing the use of WordPress landing page templates. Hand-coded web pages are time-consuming and more prone to human error. Start your next campaign off with a WordPress blog and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier!


Source by Zane Weston

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