Multinational Cooperation and Awareness Project

In the spirit of peace, unity, and cooperation worldwide, PlusCaptcha is launching an international flag campaign.

We are reaching out to all member states of the United Nations, and are asking them to sponsor their flag on the PlusCaptcha network.

We have found that the PlusCaptcha dimensions available:

235×145 – (Large)
205×125 – (Medium)
205×115 – (Small)


Are perfect for displaying a national flag inside of the PlusCaptcha!

An example of the U.S.’s flag is shown, without the circularized PlusCaptcha section turned.*

We’re not limiting sponsors of that nation’s flag to the UN member body – businesses and other organizations are welcome as well!

Contact us at

*Please note that it is not our intent in the least to desecrate any nation’s flag. The circularized portion of the flag’s image must be created in such a fashion, as to mold to PlusCaptcha’s trademark captcha requirements. As part of our awareness and recognition initiative, it will help during the alignment and captcha challenge process.

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