Most Innovative New WordPress Plugins


WordPress (WP) is probably the most popular blogging tool that is used worldwide. It is free and an open source content management system that allows bloggers and professional developers to find ease in putting up websites loaded with great features. Many plugins that were developed in order to optimize the functionality of WP sites, but there are a few really innovative new WordPress plugins that are simply fantastic!

One of these innovative WP plugins is the Google XML Sitemaps. This allows you to generate a good XML sitemap that helps search engines to index your blog better. This is one essential plugin that has been seen by many to have a profound use in blogging and in professional websites, considering the importance of getting search engines to find your website faster and get ahead of the rest.

Another great WP plugin is the Fast Secure Contact Form. This is a plugin that allows you to provide a customizable contact form allowing your website visitors to send you an email. The plugin blocks spammers and there are no templates that you need to mess with. It is easy to use and greatly increases the functionality of your website.

The Ultimate TinyMCE has also been among the WordPress plugins that increased in popularity exponentially. Those who are utilizing TinyMCE could now enhance its functionality with more advanced option provided in this plugin.

Another great plugin is BuddyPress. This is described as social networking right in a box. This helps you to build a social network that will befit your company, sports team, school or any similar community.

For moviegoers and video enthusiasts, the Add Movie Trailers and Game Trailers plugin will allow you to include trailers to your own site. You can even create an IMDB site that is totally unique.

Since security is a primary concern when it comes to building websites, Get Off Malicious Scripts is another plugin that greatly helps bloggers and web developers to search for malware and virus on your server. It then helps you to remove them so as not to make your website vulnerable.

And, never forget social networks like Twitter in promoting websites. Because of the great role that social networks play, MyTweetLinks also became one of the most popularly used innovative WP plugin at present. It allows key facts in your blog posts to be shared in Twitter. It is a real great way to promote your site without having to do lots of efforts.

Taking note of these WordPress plugins and utilizing them in your site or blog can greatly enhance the functionality of your site and make it more attractive to the eyes of visitors.


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