Membership Software Plugin For WordPress – How You Can Create Passive Income With Memberships


Are you looking for a way to reach thousands of people with your message and information? A membership site may well be the answer. Having your own membership site enables you to deliver your information effortlessly, while building a passive income stream for yourself. This used to be an extremely difficult process, but now there is a plugin for WordPress that makes it so simple everyone can do it. I have four of these membership sites set up already.

Think about the ways you can use a membership site. One way is to give one lesson or message each week over a period of time. If you are just starting out, set up as many lessons as you can and then allow members to join. As long as you stay ahead of your members, you can start selling memberships right away. Just say you have six months worth of lessons. That’s approximately 26 messages you will need to post. Keep your information evergreen and you will have your site set up for years to come.

I have a monthly mentor program. My students are able to log in to the membership area each week to get the details of our webinar for the week. I also add one or two PLR (private label rights) eBooks each month, as well as any short reports or webinars I create as products. That way they have access to more content and get more out of the mentor program.

You can also create a free membership site. The purpose of this would be to make it easier for people to stay connected to you. With email deliverability being a challenge many times, this is a way to let your members log in to receive your information every week or month. Even if you do not charge them a fee, you will find that people find value in belonging to a membership site. From there you can promote your other products and services, affiliate products, and anything else you are doing in your business.


Source by Connie Ragen Green

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