Making Money Websites – The Benefits of Starting With a Pre Built Site


Not knowing how to make a website is one thing that prevents people from getting started making money online. The truth is this is not something you really even need to know how to do. There are numerous advantages to starting with a prebuilt website of your own.

1. For starters let’s talk about how powerful it is to use a blog as a website. You can have a WordPress blog set up for you for around $30. If you want more features and plug-ins added to it you will have to pay a little bit more.

However the good thing is when you are finished you have a completely functional website you can add fresh content to without building webpages. If you can type you can build web pages using the WordPress blogging platform.

This is a great relief for people who are trying to earn money but don’t want to create their own website. It is also good to customize your site in different ways in the future.

HTML coding can be intimidating, but not to people who have a WordPress blog. Plus there are so many features with a WordPress blog that you really can impress your website visitors.

It is very easy to add graphics for example and make a dull boring web page come to life. You can do the same thing by pasting in video codes from You Tube to add videos to your site.

These are all things you can do after your ready made website is set up for you.

2. Another thing to look at is joining a program that gives you your own customized pre built website. There are programs on the Internet that have been around now for several years offering what I would call a business in a box.

The nice thing is you can have a customized website with your own domain name set up for very little out-of-pocket expense. This is important when you join programs such as affiliate marketing and MLM marketing.

Many Internet marketers use the replicated website they get from the affiliate merchant. This is okay, but it’s not the best way to make money.

The problem primarily lies in the fact that everyone is using the exact same website in these type of programs. By getting your own customized website you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and make yourself stand out more.

These are a few money making website tips as they pertain to the benefits of starting out with your own ready-made site. This is definitely the way to go if you do not want to mess with building your own website.


Source by Cynthia Minnaar

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