Making Money on WordPress


Do you own a WordPress blog or website? Chances are you have been thinking of how to make money on WordPress. Right now, there are many awesome ways of making money online. You just need to find and seize the right opportunities. Let’s just look at four legitimate ways to make decent money from your WordPress site or blog.

Create and Sell Themes and Plugins

If you’re really curious of how to make money on WordPress, you should consider creating and selling WordPress themes and plusing. Right now, there is a growing demand for WordPress themes and plugins. If you have programming skills, you can code and sell your own WordPress plugins at a premium fee. Just create a nifty plugin that will help end users solve a problem or extend the capabilities of their websites. With a good theme or plugin, you can make passive income from Themeforest for a lifetime.

WordPress Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize your WordPress blog or website. Thousands of folks have made fortunes promoting high-value products in their blogs and website. The beauty of it is that you can literally earn as much commissions as you want. To get good results, you have to be good at writing content, building backlinks, and email list building.

Sell Advertisement Space

You cannot talk of how to make money on WordPress without bringing ad space into the picture. WordPress allows you to showcase products and ads on the header, footer, and either of the sidebars. Just find a hot product in your niche and place an ad so that visitors can click on the product links. As you traffic grows so will your rate for selling ad space.

WordPress Blog Setup Service

60% of websites and blogs worldwide use WordPress framework. So, it’ pretty clear there’s a high demand for WordPress experts. If you have hands-on WordPress management skills, you can offer to set up WordPress blogs plus hosting and theme customization at a fee. Once you hone your skills and create a good portfolio, you can get referrals easily.

By now, you have a pretty solid picture of how to make money on WordPress. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an ace marketer, you have equal chances of making money. Just try out any of the above ideas and work fastidiously to generate quality traffic. That way, you’ll be able to make good money consistently from your WordPress blog or website.


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