Make Your Own Website For Free – A Quick, Simple Guide to Getting Online


The internet has evolved. Gone are the days where you needed to learn HTML and CSS to establish a web presence. Gone are the days when you had to pay tons of money to access the far-reaching hand of the web. Indeed, it is easier than ever to make your own website for free. Here is a quick guide to get your first site up and running.

To set up your own site, you first need to get your hosting and domain. I recommend buying your hosting for your site from Hostgator. Once you have set up your Hostgator account, login and select the Fantastico De Luxe program. Ignore everything else-you aren’t trying to become a web design expert, you just want to know how to make your own website for free. And, of course, you want it to be as easy as possible. After opening Fantastico, select WordPress in the left sidebar and follow the easy directions to upload to your site. WordPress will really be the backbone of everything you do, and it is really the core reason why it has become so easy to make your own website for free with almost no experience at all.

Login to “” using the admin name and password you selected in Fantastico, and choose one of the basic themes or use the “Get More Themes” link to look through the directory and see what else is available. There are also countless themes available online if you Google “free WordPress themes.” If you decide you want to fork out a little dough, you can really get a quality template, but it seems unnecessary with all the free ones available.

Install your theme by downloading it to your computer and opening the file manager on your cpanel. In the file directory for the domain, select “wp-content,” select “themes,” and then at the top of the page, select the upload icon. Upload the theme file from your computer. There is now a new zip file in your directory. Extract this file, go to your WordPress admin, go to your themes page, and then activate the new template.

Believe it or not, that is all it takes to make your own website for free. You can now start exploring WordPress’ user-friendly interface-you will quickly understand how simple everything functions. It was created as a blogging platform; however, you can make static sites with it as well. Use Pages to make static material for your customers. Use Posts to blog or give news and updates to regular clients. Upload images and begin adding quality content. Research WordPress plugins, which will give you more control over customizing your site, allowing you to track traffic, monetize, capture emails, or even translate into different languages. Now that you know how easy it is to make your own website for free, you will begin to see that most things on the internet are rather simple once you have the right information. The gateways into the web are beginning to open for you.


Source by Brian Drummond

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