Make My Own Website – The Top WordPress Basic Plug-ins You Must Have


Monetizing a website has become the main goal for entrepreneurs nowadays. If you are creating a website for this reason then you must be fully aware of making your website really “work” for you.

The heart and soul of a good website is WordPress. WordPress has made it possible for all business owners, new and experienced, to create websites for different purposes. Websites can be created when an expert wants to provide information to those who are in need of it. But most of all, websites are created to promote a business online.

For starters, here is the list of the top WordPress basic plug-ins that you must have.

Google XML Sitemap Generators

Google XML Sitemap generator allows you to automatically generate a map of your website. This sitemap allows search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to better index your website.

That way, it is much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your website. The sitemap is updated automatically. Whenever you add or remove a page or post, the sitemap is generated. It will also at the same time notify the major search engines. This plug-in will make your WordPress website get easily indexed with every modification or upgrade you make.

Google Analytics for WordPress

If you want to have an accurate report of all the events in your website, you should install Google Analytics for WordPress. This plug-in integrates your WordPress blog with Google Analytics. It will enable you to monitor all the visitors in your website that comes from various sources such as:

  • Those lead to your site via search engines
  • People who clicked on advertisements.
  • Users who participate in pay-per-click networks.
  • Proponents of email marketing and embedded links in documents.

Sociable Plugin

Sociable is a WordPress plug-in that will allow you append links to your favorite social networks at the bottom of every website post. This is a good channel on how people from everywhere can share your pieces in various social networks.

Through Sociable, visitors of your site can easily distribute links of your write-ups. This can cause more site visitors in the future.

Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger

If you are familiar with network operations, ping is a common program in Windows. This program allows one computer to notify another computer within the network. This is the idea how Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger works.

You should have it with WordPress due to the following features.

  • It automatically pings search engines when an update or a new post is made.
  • Search engines are only pinged when the post has been made available for viewing.
  • You can also manually ping search engines to override automatic pinging.


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