Make Money With Your WordPress Blog, Effective Teleseminars and Wishlist


So many people want to know how to make money with their WordPress Blogs. What is the answer? Combine your WordPress Blog with WishList Member and effective telesminars.

Your WordPress Blog is the hub of your online empire. There are many ways to make money with your blog but two of the most effective ways are to combine your blog with WishList Member and do effective teleseminars.

WishList Member is a great asset for your blog. It allows you to turn your blog into a membership site where you can charge people for access to your content. You can do it in many ways –

  • Deliver a modular course for which you charge one fee,
  • Add new content at fixed intervals for which you charge at those fixed intervals
  • Create a fixed term (or micro-continuity) site
  • Use your blog like a magazine – add content whenever you want and protect the ‘membership’ content behind a ‘more tag’ that only members can access
  • Use it as a protected download area – sell one item, one time and put it behind WishList for delivery
  • You can create free, trial and paid membership levels or a combination of all three

But how do effective teleseminars help? Do a free teleseminar to tell people about your membership site and extol its advantages. Do teleseminars for your affiliates to help them promote your membership site. But remember the word “effective”. Your teleseminars must deliver great content that will make your listeners want to join. Do not make it an hour of a sales pitch!

A member benefit can be teleseminars about how to use the content you deliver. These will be almost all content with very little selling. You might make an offer at the end for another of your products but make it very low key. Remember, people are already paying you and don’t want to be sold. A good way to do it is to refer people to your other products as adjuncts to what they are already getting.


Source by Cathy Perkins

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