Make Money Through Your Website or Blog


Why a website or a blog?

For many people blogging is a way to express themselves online for the rest of the world to read. Most of these people want to share their knowledge with other people. I for example always wanted to share my knowledge, with a sense that somewhere in this world someone can be benefited through my knowledge; as a result I started this website.

Many people make websites and blocks, to share knowledge and to make money at the same time. While on other hand many people consider it evil and immoral to commercialize their blocks. Personally I think who ever has some sort of knowledge or experience should make a website or a block and share it with the world.

However it is their choice whether they want to make money or not. Blogging especially is a way to interact with other human beings on the net. Humans are social animals, interacting with other people gives them a sense of being needed and they feel satisfied and happy if they come to know that they have helped other humans in some way.

Therefore those blocks ultimately succeed which either offer genuine services or give sincere advice or transfer quality knowledge to their readers. If you are sincere, capable and hard working at the end of day you will make money with your block.


You want to make a website or a blog fine, but first decide what type of blog you want to make. Make your mind seriously before stating on this path. Think, what topics interest you, pick up a topic which is of great interest to you.

Do you love gardening, have you deep down always been interested in function and mechanics of cars, are you a good parent, or a student. Whatever is your interest, start a blog or website about it, never start a website for just money. Always make a website on that subject, in which you have keen interest. It does not make any difference if you have its knowledge or not.

Why choose such a subject? It is because firstly you will be needing stamina and patient to write for your block or read and edit the written material. In short you will be spending hours on your block or website therefore if you don’t have interest in a certain subject after sometime you will become bored and agitated.

Therefore before starting a block or website think strongly and decide what interests you the most. If for example you have always been interested in animals, or pets or cars or airplanes, but you don’t have knowledge about your subject of interest than first acquires knowledge about it. Visit libraries and gather knowledge from people especially contact middle age personals or retired officers – that is if you are interested in airplanes or about life in the army.

You will be surprised how many people want to transfer their knowledge to others. In turn transfer your acquired knowledge to the world via your blog or website. Similarly if you have interest in pets start a block or website on them.

Write articles on how to take care of your pet, write about their behavior cover their disease attend pet shows and write about them. Take interviews of people who have pets, with their permission print their pictures on your site along with their pets.

Your inner interest will and should develop into passion and passion makes great writers. A website/ blog are representation of your passion, your passion reaches out to people, and as a result they become your loyal readers.

Therefore, first of all sit in a quiet place take a piece of paper, write down why you want to start your site on the net and what is your actual inner interest. Which topic will inspire, motivate and will make you happy. Write down all the topics which are liked by you then choose the one which you think will develop into a passion.

The hot list topics of your interest can be film stars, movies, bikes, car, animals, relationships, young children, gardening, medical plants, trees, and places. There are many topics, but your interest and passion will be one. First focus on the topic of your choice, increase your knowledge about it, be persistent latter once your website starts you can increase your horizon to other topics of interest.

Website/ blog design choosing

Design for your block, should be simple and graceful. Choose the design of your website wisely never try to impress your readers with your block design. Consider the design of your web/ block a reflection of your personality. Your design should give an impression that the owner and builder of the website/ block is a serious professional who is on the net to convey his / her knowledge to others.


Strong engaging-content is hugely important for success of any website or a blog. Each article should be written with sincerity and in balance. In this day and age people are seeking sincerity; they want a person who can reach them with a sincere heart. So make your first rule to reach out to people with sincerity, and they will respond to you with the same feeling.

Fall in love with the article which you are writing and treat it so. While writing an article consider yourself a potter, and your article as clay. How would you mold your clay? What shape do you want to give it? Once your earthen wear that is your article is ready – how the people will see it. Will it influence them positively; I know many blog writers who put more than 40 work hours in a single article, including me.

First do research on the specific article, which you want to write. The more knowledge you have, the better you will write. Write down all important points, latter expand these points into paragraphs, read the article if not satisfied rewrite it again. Write for all your potential readers, convey proper message and information.

This will encourage more readers to visit your site and book mark it. Make a rule never write for money write for your readers and for yourself, money will follow. Do not put things haphazardly together in an article; it will lose rhythm and interest. Give a reason to your article, it should always reflect sincerity, knowledge and concern for others. After writing your article reviews it the next day.

Title of the blog/ web

Choose the title of your web or block carefully, it will represent the content of your web or block. It will tell the web searchers what your web/ block stands for. Chose a title, which is attractive to the web visitors. A proper title attracts reasonable traffic towards itself.


If you have a day job do not quit, to start a web/block on the net, 99 percent people who start a block fail to earn money from it, why? Because they are impatient, they do not start a blog on things which interest them instead they read how others are making money on the net and try to copy their way and format.

For example, I know web sites dealing in selling and buying of cars make money on the net. I do not have interest in cars, for the sake of making money, if I start a web site for cars, it will end in a disaster as I will not be passionate about it, nor will be able to write well. In a nut shell, start a web/block for yourself.

Take it slow, acquire knowledge, and do research, once your web / block starts to make money then quit your job. Before starting educates yourself as much as you can about various basic computer technologies you should know what HTML, RSS, pings or plugs mean. You do not have to be a computer programmer, but you should know about the basic terms and technologies. A lack of computer technology is a major cause of failure when it comes to income generation.


Write with sincerity. Today the most endangered feelings of human beings are lack of sincerity for other humans. If you’re writing will reflect sincerity, and genuine concerns for others, people will respond.

Sub-consciously we always want genuine and sincere friends, we all desire that the people we know should be sincere to us, and a web master is no different. When people click to your web, they will be looking for solid and genuine information. The sincerity and concerns which your writing will reflect will create a link between you and your readers. Especially if you are trying to sell something on your web, the more your readers trust you through your writings the more they will buy from you.

How to build traffic

What creates traffic growth? Word of mouth is the basic source through which traffic grows, even if a few visitors first visit your web, if your content is good, strong, informative and written well they will tell others to visit your web.

No matter how much you marketize your web or block on the net. If your web/ blog doesn’t hold valuable content no one will appreciate and praise it in front of others. Nor will anyone return to your web / blog. Growth always comes from people telling people.


Serious traffic will generate you money. With sufficient traffic you can monetize your web site. Traffic building is the biggest challenge for any blocker. Traffic is the main and primary fuel of a web/ block as it generates money. More money means more ad clicks, more product sales and more affiliated scales.

More traffic also means that you are helping more people. You can also increase your traffic by writing articles and submitting to already established blocks such as EzineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo, and many others. You can also leave comments on others articles, but leave a good comment which suggests or gives your proper opinion. Another proper way to bring traffic to your blog or website is to do blogging on other established blogs such as shoutmelloud etc.

Always place your link at the base of the article, so that the readers can get connected to your web. Do submit articles to’ block carnival’. They have millions of visitors each month; you can surely increase traffic to your website by submitting an article to them.

The other Bloggers

Instead of seeing other bloggers as a competition in your niche see them as your allies, as they can link to, re-tweet or share your posts.

Social networks are often a great place to begin building a relationship with fellow bloggers. Read their articles, and leave comments on their blocks, after commenting place link to your block in the end.

Gravatar image

Gravatar image is short for globally recognized avatar. It’s your photo which follows you from site to site appearing beside your name.

When you do things like leave a comment on a blog or post your article to a website. You can sign up for a gravatar account free; your photo will help you to make more links to your blog. A Picture gives personality to a name (if you are not photogenic like me than it’s another story)

Akismet Anti-Spam plug-in

One problem that every blog faces is spam. Spammer markets will attempt to promote their products through spam comments and track backs, stop the never ending spam by installing Akismet.

It is a powerful anti-spam plug-in, it will stop spam comments. Akismet monitors millions of blogs and forums, and known’s the tricks that spammers use. If you run a personal block it is free. If you have a business block, it will cost you 5 dollars a month

Jetpack Plug-in

Jetpack is a single plugin that gives you the most powerful WordPress. com features. Jetpack is a popular plugin, developed by the folks over at Automattic Inc. Automattic Inc is a web development corporation founded in August 2005.

It is most notable for WordPress. com (a free blogging service), as well as its contributions to WordPress (open source blogging software), and over the past few years they’ve done a tremendous job improving the plugin by adding loads of useful features which makes managing a WordPress site a whole lot easier.

With their recent update Jetpack 2. 3, they have introduced omnisearch– a combined search engine within WordPress that searches your site’s content and has the capacity to add more search engines using filters. Jet pack is a powerful and essential plug in, it has multiple features that every WordPress, and user can take advantage of.


One big mistake bloggers make is that immediately after launching their website or blog. They want advertisement for their block as they get paid per click. In initial stages, just put your energy into writing good content, leave advertisement to latter time. Once traffic starts flowing than consider about advertisement. Do not over do with advertisement, many blogger lose readers owning to excessive advertisement.


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