Looking to Increase Conversion Rates With Split Testing and WordPress?


If, you like many, are using WordPress(TM) for your landing or squeeze pages on your affiliate marketing sites, there is an easy way to do split testing. Split testing is using multiple versions of the same page while testing the conversion rates over time. Perhaps you want to change the design, or placement of buttons, or change the wording altogether to see which copy performs the best. You can then feed the information into your own analysis program, or a tool like Website Optimizer from Google. But before you can do that you need an easy way to create the separate pages that does not interfere with search engine optimization.  This is where MaxSplitPress comes in and works it’s magic!

Perhaps you are a ClickBank affiliate, sell your product as a ClickBank vendor, or are building a mailing list -you need to test the effectiveness or your campaigns.  You could lose hundreds of conversions and sales if you didn’t split test your pages or posts because a button is in the wrong place. Worst of all, you would never know. Creating a split test by hand is not a simple process, and losing page rank or falling off in search engine optimization is not acceptable either.

MaxSplitPress split testing software for WordPress solves all of these problems, and makes it effortless too.  As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have time to waste with solutions that do not work, or take up your valuable time. You need results, fast and simple results, and MaxSplitPress delivers.

What does MaxSplitPress do?

  • Tests multiple pages or posts simultaneously, so you can find the variations that makes you the best conversion rates.
  • Generates easy to grasp test results, so you know exactly what copy or designs have the best conversion rates. 
  • 100% SEO friendly results! Your control page will be shown to the search engines, so your hard work doesn’t disappear.
  • Easy to use admin area and control panel. Create your campaign in 3 easy steps.

So, if you are looking to increase your conversion rates using WordPress and split testing, then MaxSplitPress is a very easy to use plugin that produces results. Website performance testing has never been easier, and you will be miles ahead of your competition.  Whether your marketing your product, creating a mailing list, running an affiliate campaign, there is nothing better than using split testing to get a better sense of how well your posts or pages are performing.


Source by Jarret Minkler

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