Let Google Know You Have a New Website With These 5 Simple Steps


If you have a new website or blog post the one thing you want is for Google to index it. Sometimes Google can take a long time to index your website and I want to give you 5 simple ways to get indexed within 48 hours.

Some people ask me why its important to get your website indexed. Well for one thing Google is the king of traffic. 60 millions searches each month and counting. That makes them the king and you want to get in the searches so others can find your site.

1. To start off you want to submit your website to social networking site. These sites get crawled very fast because there is always fresh new content on them. When Google’s spiders crawl the high traffic social networks sites your link inside will get indexed very fast.

Submit your site to digg.com, StumbleUpon.com, reddit.com, and delicious.com. These are high traffic social networking site that Google loves to crawl. Google loves these sites and I have seen some of my websites indexed in less than 12 hours.

2. If you have a page that is already index in Google. Ad a link inside that page to your new website. Make sure the content on that page is relevant to your new site. The crawlers will crawl indexed sites and pickup your new link.

3. Article submission on website like EzineArticles.com or GoArticles.com will give Google crawlers some great bait to pickup your link. Yes I said bait, because your website link is the hook with bait and your fishing for the Google crawlers to come by and eat your hook. Submit an article about your website and add your link at the bottom. Google will find this link and index it very fast.

4. Blog pinging is a way to let other blog directories know that you have a new website or a new link. If you have a blog, add a list of pinging sites to the admin area. You can also manually ping your site at pingoat.com.

5. Create a WordPress free blog page and add in an article about your site. Put the link at the bottom of the article and submit. WordPress is a highly crawled site and Google is always looking for fresh new content.

With these tools you will be able to get your site indexed fast. With your site indexed then you have a better chance of someone finding your website.


Source by Tyler A Pratt

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