Learn How to Blog Product Review – Is Sean Rasmussen for Real?


The Learn How to Blog program, by Sean Rasmussen, is a blogging educational program for people who want to learn how to blog. Sean Rasmussen, the person who has been developing the program over the last 12 months, is a professional blogger, who himself has sold well in excess of 7 million dollars of product online

Learning to Blog Made Easy.

The Learn How to Blog program (aka. Year of the Blogger) is designed to help ‘want-to-be’ or ‘newbie’ bloggers, to have self hosted WordPress website automatically installed online within an hour, which is full customizable under your full control, with a domain name of your choice, ready to start learning how to blog. That way you can almost instantly start gaining the necessary knowledge from the videos and manual, and putting into action the learnt skills necessary to become a seasoned blogger.

So what is included in the Learn How to Blog program.

Sean really knows how to under promise and over deliver, as the program is jammed packed full of value that its sure to be very popular. It is an inexpensive way to get started with your own blog, with the support to help you should get stuck on any tasks along the way.

So what does it include:

  • WordPress website installed and setup.
  • The ‘Learn How to Blog’ Manual.
  • An extensive range to video tutorials.
  • 10 week Blogging Course
  • 3 months dedicated Support Forum Access
  • 12 month ticket support
  • 12 Months free Website Hosting
  • 12 Months free Domain Name Registration
  • A vast range of professional blog themes/skins & plugins to fully customize your blog to your liking
  • Additional bonuses

The world of blogging will soon become demystified, as you progress through the step by step instructions on customizing and structuring your WordPress blog, writing a blog post, promoting your blog, monetizing your blog, and many tools and tips to accelerate your blogging success.

So who is the Learn How to Blog Product for?

Millions of people all over the world are blogging about anything and everything, from their passions to promoting their business. Blogging has become popular with people from all walks of life, from travellers, stay at home mums, grandmas, college students, business entrepreneurs & baby boomers.

Whether you just want to talk about your interests, to become on expert in your chosen topic, to help others, to connect with like-minded people, to promote a product-service-business, to journal your experience or just to make money online, blogging is the number 1 low-cost method to have a presence online

So if you want the edge on the competition, and understand the sheer power of creating and managing your own blog, Sean Rasmussen’s Learn How to Blog program gets my thumbs up, as the smart place to start.


Source by Cade Arnel

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