Is Your WordPress Blog Monetized Properly?


If you’re interested in making a little extra money with your WP blog you should start by choosing the right WordPress theme. And, if you’ve been blogging for a while and want to see significant increases in traffic and income, you should choose custom made, professionally optimized fee based themes. Getting away from free themes is definitely an intelligent strategy on your part.

Many free WordPress themes won’t get you indexed properly by Google and most free WordPress themes won’t do much to increase your bottom-line profits in any way?

My advice is to stop hunting for free themes right now and take a smarter approach that will multiply your blog traffic and increase traffic conversions.

EzineArticles has many archived articles relating to proven methods for setting up and monetizing your blog. You could spend the time to read these articles and quickly see a common theme that most experienced authors include or, you could simply make a few notes on the six points these authors want you to understand.

Some of the decisions you need to make to monetize your blog successfully are:

1) how many columns should you have

2) do you want the sidebar on the left or right

3) is it widget ready

4) should your blog have fixed or fluid widths

5) do you want to use images and icons

6) what is your plug-in compatibility

Don’t misunderstand me here; the items above only highlight a few on the important decisions needed to monetize your blog and be properly optimized for the search engines. A good blog should have… advanced SEO titles, a flexible navigation menu, be monetized with ClickBank Amazon, and AdSense ready profit centers.

Successful bloggers also create a loyal community of subscribers by offering visitors something different like Yahoo’s MyBlogLog that show the faces of the latest visitors to your blog.

If all this is confusing for you and you realize that you may not have the technical skills to answer these questions or set up your WordPress blog, I have a suggestion for you.

Stay away from the thousands of free, but inferior and sometimes ugly WordPress themes out there. If you will distance yourself from free WordPress themes and invest your time and money in professionally designed and properly monetized WordPress themes you will most likely realize a much improved traffic flow and conversion rate and also have more time to do other important work.

Time is money as they say, and by adjusting your blog to include fee based themes you’ll soon find you made the right decision and will most likely be surprised by better traffic and conversion stats.


Source by Terry Hudson

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