Internet Marketing – How to Get Your WordPress Spam Filter Activated


There will always be Internet marketing and to go along with it, there will always be spammers. Some people are taught by unscrupulous, experienced Internet marketing firms to go about doing things the wrong way, and it could get these newbies into trouble. But many of them won’t get into trouble and spamming will continue, especially from overseas, and it amazes me that they don’t realize that they’re just wasting their time.

Instead of wasting valuable Internet marketing time, where they could be doing something much more productive, they waste money on “blog blaster” software or sites, and what they don’t realize is that every one of their blog comments is just being deleted without even being read. Oh, well. For every Internet marketing success story, there will be thousands of stories about failure. These people may not realize it, but when spamming WordPress blogs, they’re just wasting bandwidth, and not getting anywhere at all.

But why WordPress blogs? Because every WordPress blog comes equipped with a plugin called “Akismet,” which will automatically hold spam comments until you go and delete them. It’s a great tool because it catches about 90% of the junk coming in. To activate it, go to the “Plugins” tab on your WordPress Dashboard and click. If the Akismet bar is green, it’s already been activated. If it’s grey, you’ll have to activate it yourself. The first thing to do is simple. Click on the link at the right-hand side that says, “Activate.”

Now, you’ll have to go to WordPress and get an API key. This little snip of letters and numbers is what you need to fully activate the Akismet filter. So, go to and register by filling in your name and email address. The API key will be sent to you. Once you receive it, just go back to your blog and click on Plugins again. To the far right will be “Akismet Configuration.” Once you click on that link, you’ll see the box where the API key is needed. Fill it in and click “update API key.” Your spam filter will start working immediately.

To use the Akismet filter, click on “Manage” at your dashboard screen, and you’ll see the “Akismet Spam” link. Click there, and then simply, “Delete All.” They’re gone! Before my Internet marketing blog became so popular, I only had a few spam comments and I did find some relevant comments in there, so you may want to check them, if the list is still small. But we’ve had almost 50,000 spam comments over the past year! Now, I don’t even bother to look and just delete them each time I arrive at the blog. Therefore, anyone trying to spam our blog is just wasting time.

But especially if you have an Internet marketing blog, you need that spam control. So, don’t just activate the spam filter, but be sure that you set up the blog so that you’re approving every comment that comes in. From your Dashboard, go to “Options,” and click on the link for “Discussion.” Set your preference to “An administrator must approve the comment.” All comments, legitimate or otherwise, will wait until you come to approve or to classify them as spam. Yes, some spam comments still manage to get through. But the margin is very, very narrow.

By using Akismet, you’re handling a huge majority of the problem. There will always be spam, as long as there is Internet marketing. While your blog is growing readership, it may not be a problem, but once you hit the search engines, look out! Unless you take the actions described above, you’ll be bombarded with spam and that just sucks. But you can control it quickly and easily. Let somebody else waste their time trying Internet marketing tactics that plain don’t work. I hope that you know better.


Source by Tellman Knudson

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