Instruction Manual For WordPress


Like all things, instructions and the details of how to use a computer software program are a necessity if one is going to be successful at owning and operating an internet business. Luckily, several of the software programs that people decide to use often come with instructions, otherwise they would never be able to decode how to install them into their computer systems, much less use them to create a great web site and run a lucrative business. The same is true for WordPress software. It comes with instructions that are easy to read, understand and follow, so problems with installation should be a thing of the past.

First, the webmaster needs to set up an account with WordPress on their web site. If you do not have an account, you will not be able to have access to the functions that WordPress offers to its clients. It will also exclude you from getting help on technical questions, networking with other WordPress users, who may become customers, because your product is unlike anything they have seen before. They may also become affiliates, because your reputation is one of high standards and excellent customer relationships. They may become contributors because they have a complimentary product which can be advertized on your site, while yours is advertized on theirs, earning you both income that you did not have to work hard for. So, set up the WordPress account, give as much detail about your product and web site that you can, and network with others who have similar products or have great customer relationships that you want for your web site.

Second, the creation of a profile will give potential affiliates and customers the details they will need to decide if you are the correct internet business with which to do their business. Provide as many positive comments and remarks from other affiliates or customers that you can, and be able to back them up. Made up references are lies and will cost you in the end, not only money, but trust as well. Check out other business profiles if you are unsure what to have in yours. You can change your profile at any time. For example, if you are just beginning, keep a positive attitude by stating something like “This business may have just gotten its legs, but we are running, not walking! Come join us and see if you can keep up!”

Third, choose the template that you want for your web site. These can be found on WordPress and have the ability to change at any time, along with the profile. If your product changes, your template can reflect that change as well. It all depends on how your marketing technique is working and whether it needs an update or not. If your product is not selling, perhaps a change is needed.

Lastly, try out a post or two on your web site blog page. This should work just the same as with a word processor, so do not feel frightened. Make certain to spell check, grammar check, and edit before posting it, so that you sound as professional as possible. That will attract more customers as well and WordPress will have guided you the whole way.


Source by Matt Rhodes

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