Installing WordPress on a Hostgator Website


Installing a WordPress blog on your own can be a bit of a process. It is rather simple all things considered, but if you are new to things like FTP and MySQL, it can be a lot to process.

Thankfully many hosts make the process simple. Hostgator is one of these hosts and their WordPress installation really couldn’t be much simpler. It does involve a little work in the cPanel of your site – but you won’t be dealing with anything too important.

1. Navigate to Your website’s cPanel. The easiest way to do this is to just type your domain name in your browser’s address bar followed by a backslash and the word cpanel. For example it would look something like this: www. YOURDOMAIN. com/cpanel. Once you have typed that in (replacing YOUR DOMAIN with your site of course), hit enter and you will be brought to step two.

2. Log In. Once you have hit enter you will get a pop up that asks for your username and password. These should be in your records from when you opened your hosting account. If you have forgotten or misplaced them you will have to contact Hostgator support.

3. Find Fantastico. You will see a ton of icons and options when you enter your cPanel. If you don’t know what something is, don’t touch it. From this cPanel you can do just about anything you want to your site, not all things being good. What you are looking for is under the header Software/Services and it can be found near the bottom of the page. You will see a blue smiley face titled Fantastico De Luxe. Click on it.

4. Choose WordPress. Fantastico has a ton of application it can install for you. In the left sidebar you will see WordPress near the top under blogs. Click on that.

5. New Installation. After you click on that, the page to the right will change and you will see a link for New Installation and you will be brought to another new page.

6. Choose Your Domain. Many Hostgator accounts have multiple domains. This page will allow you to choose what domain you want to install WordPress on. Choose it from the drop down menu at the top. This page will also allow you to enter the username and password that you will use to log into your WordPress site. Near the bottom you can also title your site and add a site description.

7. Install. Click install WordPress and your site will be created. You get an option to send the details to your email and I suggest doing this as it will have your password and username for future reference.

That’s it! That is how easy Hostgator makes WordPress installation. A Number of hosts have Fantastico installed, and the method will be the same on all those hosts as well. Good luck with your newly installed WordPress website.


Source by T. Payne

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