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How do you want to increase your WordPress blog traffic? This is one of the most asked questions for all writers, bloggers and even web masters. There is no straight answer to this and it takes quite a few steps to get this done. Not to forget, without compromising what you have to deliver to the public.

Content is God. This is in fact one of the core factors in increasing your blog traffic. Write not only good but great articles and ensure that each article is complete with the right facts. In order to have a good content, research is vital for all. Doing research doesn’t only increase your quality of the articles, it also increases the number of facts you can input into the blog. Always make sure that all the content written is in line with your title and objectives.

Another simple step in increasing blog traffic is simple by proof read. No reader will enjoy articles that have spelling error and grammatical errors. Proof reading is important not only to check for spelling errors but also ensuring that all the facts in the midst of publishing are genuine and exact.

Besides that, using the right keywords is also important. Keywords are important because these are the ones that will differentiate the blog value among others. Simply by using the right keywords, we are creating a higher chance for the search engine bots to pick our articles up and into the radar. Indirectly, when our articles are placed in the search engine results page, we will generate a higher increase in blog traffic.

Back linking is one of the ways to increase traffic to blog effectively. When we practice back link on our WordPress blog, we are creating a higher chance for readers to continue reading our articles. In another word, all your other articles will tend to benefit from this as readers will continue at the link provided and increase their duration on the site. With this, you are able to maintain your traffic while at the same time, creating loyal readers on your blogs and writings.

Last but not least, WordPress has many useful plugins which one can utilize to increase the traffic and search engine optimization capability. For example, you can install Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin which can be assisting you in SEO building. Such plugins will be advising you on types of keywords to use in your blog, the density of the keywords in the article body and simple grammar checking. Simply by following the advice provided, we can easily increase the quality of our blogs thus improving our blog traffic.

Being said all that, there are many ways to increase traffic to a WordPress blog but it will always take time and effort to make the cut. Always ensure that all contents are good and you will indirectly see traffic flowing in continuously.


Source by Mehreen Ali Arshad

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